The 2017 IAAPT meeting will be held at Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa. Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Iowa.

  • Dues - IAAPT meeting registration/dues are $7.00 payable at the registration table at the meeting site on Nov. 4th.
  • Noon Meal/Business Meeting - The IAAPT business meeting will take place after eating the noon meal.  Your meeting registration comes with an automatic one year IAAPT membership so all may attend and add input at the meeting.  The cost of this years meal will be $6.25.  If you wish the noon meal please send an e-mail to Dining Services is committed to providing healthy, nutritious food. Our menus emphasize lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetarian and vegan options, hormone-free dairy products, sustainable seafood, whole grains, and ZERO trans fat.)
  • Keynote Address
  • Meeting Announcement
  • Meeting Pictures
  • Minutes
  • Abstracts and Final Schedule
  • Maps
  • Meeting Technology and Computer

Free equipment give away    The following equipment will be given away on a first come first serve basis to people who attend the meeting.

40 ea. – Vernier LabPro Interfaces
1 ea. – Vernier Motion Detector

5 ea. – Current Balances with power supply and milligram mass sets
10 ea. – 12 volt, 1.6 amp, regulated power supplies
11 ea. – 6 volt, 6 amp, regulated power supplies
6 ea. – St. Louis Motors with bar magnets    
4 ea. – St. Louis Motors without bar magnets
8 ea. – Solenoid sets
Electrostatic proof planes
Many chargers for rechargeable batteries
Many sets of test leads
18 ea. – 11 inch X 11 inch pieces of tempered glass
9 ea. – Thermistors
11 ea. – heat absorbing filters
Many porcelain single pole knife switches……some mounted on wood plates with banana cord socket connections
Many porcelain double pole knife switches…..some mounted on wood plates with banana cord socket connections