The 2015 IAAPT is being held November 7th, 2015 at the Central Academy in Des Moines, Iowa.


          Scholarship Opportunity:

Do you know any high school seniors looking to major in physics? Simpson College recently received a NSF grant that will provide 15 financially needy incoming students with financial assistance ($33,600 over four years), mentorship, and research opportunities as they pursue a degree in a mathematical STEM field. For this reason, we are recruiting talented high school seniors to come to Simpson as undergraduates.

For information on the Carver Bridge to STEM Success Scholarship Program visit the following website:

If you know any students who might be interested in this opportunity, we are more than happy to discuss more over email or phone. Contact Professor Aaron Santos at or call at 515-961-1826.

AAPT - Two Year College New Faculty Training Experience:


We are in the process of recruiting for the next Two Year College New Faculty Training Experience. It begins in late January. We have grant money for 30 participants. If you know anybody at a TYC who is new to teaching it would be an excellent opportunity for them. If you have a meeting yet this fall please make an announcement for us as well.  Thanks for your help.