• Objectives
    1. To facilitate the discussion of physics among different groups in Iowa.
    2. To improve the teaching of physics.
    3. To further the appreciation of physics in our culture.


  • Membership
    • Regular membership is open to all AAPT members in Iowa, and others whose membership will promote the Section's objectives.
    • Student membership is open to interested college students who have completed at least one calculus- based physics course.
    • A database of current and past members is kept by the Secretary.


  • Dues
    • $10/yr payable at the fall meeting.


  • How to Apply
    • Send your application for membership to the Co-Secretaries. Craig Kletzing or Dale Stille, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rm. 58 Van Allen Hall, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA  52242.  FAX:  (319)335-1753.  PHONE:  (319)335-1833.